Monday, March 25, 2013

The Furniture for a Loft

A loft, also known as an attic has been traditionally used for storage. But today, when space is a luxury lofts homes are very common. A loft is merely an open space at the top of a house just below the ceiling. From a loft is in contrast to other houses with more rooms is a bit difficult to decorate a house loft. Plan with large open space, need ideas for furniture loft loft only. Comfortable and elegant Since there are no walls to define different living spaces, you must use your imagination and creativity to define areas of life furniture attic. One of the biggest expenses that most owners Loft, is lack of disk space. You have to choose the furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional. Here we give you an idea of ​​what type and style of furniture looks good in a loft.

Furniture for a loft

The most important thing to consider when decorating the interior of a loft is to choose and arrange the furniture in an attractive way. Most lofts have high ceilings and antique furniture is not as flattering nor proportionate. The best furniture for loft are those clean lines and modern minimalist design. You can also choose furniture with metal details to give an industrial look to your home.

The dining

To separate the dining room, you need to invest in a dining table with matching chairs. Dining room furniture can be placed on a wall with a buffet and a drawer. Belief can be used to store tablecloths and crockery. A small Chinese lantern hanging or installing modern lamp with a geometric design on the ceiling will give your proper lighting you enjoy your dinner. If you intend to entertain in the attic, and then opt for a dining table, six and eight is enough. Adorn the walls of the gallery of the old posters and illustrations important.

The lounge
After attending the dining room, the next area you should focus on is the living room. A huge big couch is the center of the attic, next to works fine dining. From a loft space that has a lot of good will with contemporary furniture. If you aspire to a monochromatic color scheme is a look on a white sofa, cream or gray with black and red cushion is quite surprising in the attic. Coffee table, two tables and stools and more in the same building as the loft cushions other necessary furniture components. You can also lock the stool and stood against a corner of the attic. A large modern sleek metallic shades, the look of the finished surface. A hardwood bookcase another key loft-style furniture. Such libraries can be used to separate the rest of the loft sleeping area.

The bedroom
The main area of ​​the attic is where you go to sleep. Because there's no room to separate the room effectively and ensure they have complete privacy. You can download a full-length shelf or even a partition, do the same. The lighting in this area should always be soft and weak with mood lights and wall lighting. One can choose attic queen sized furniture designed so that the height above the ground. You can also choose a low bed, available in different designs and styles. This type of loft bed that seem friendly and are available in oak, birch or maple. Loft furniture and heavy curtains that are long lasting.

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  1. This bedroom looks like the one of my future condo in Montreal !

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